Our Team

Our Team

 Michael Mega, MD, PhD

Dr. Mega is a Cognitive Neurologist who trained at UCLA where he also obtained his PhD in Neuroscience with an emphasis on structural and functional brain mapping. He directed the Memory Disorders clinic at UCLA from 1996-2002 as well as the Alzheimer Center’s imaging core. He came to Providence Saint Vincent’s in 2004 and directed the Cognitive Assessment Clinic until 2015 when he began the Center for Cognitive Health. He has published multiple scientific papers, book chapters, and a textbook contributing to the field of cognitive neuroscience. View Dr. Mega’s CV here.

Shelby Kline, MS

Shelby is the Director of Clinical Research and a Psychometrician for the clinic.  She graduated with her Master’s of Science in biology, focusing on developmental Neuroendocrinology. In addition to working at the Center of Cognitive Health, she also enjoys teaching for the Medical Professions department of Portland Community College. Some of her favorite thing to do are hike, cook, and travel—with the South Island of New Zealand being her favorite destination yet!

Ericka Eyton, BA

Ericka is a Research Coordinator and Psychometrician for the clinic. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, focusing on neuroscience, from Lewis & Clark College. Before joining our team, Ericka interned with the Psychoneuroimmunology Lab at the Portland VA and helped develop a new study with the Neuroscience Lab at Lewis & Clark. In her free time, Ericka enjoys cooking, gardening, and getting outside to enjoy the Pacific Northwest. 

Raghed Odeh, BS

Raghed is a Clinical Research Assistant for the clinic. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Portland State University and she plans to pursue medical school. Raghed has personal experience with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), which is what makes her passionate about learning the functions of the brain. Specifically, she is interested in the neurodegenerative aspect that leads to the progression of AD. She is very involved in the community and some of her favorite things to do include spending time with family, traveling, hiking, playing board games, and she loves to play/watch soccer.