Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

If you are interested in participating in our research, give us a call at (503)-207-2066 to determine your eligibility.


Current Clinical Research Projects at our Clinic


TauRx Therapeutics Ltd. (LUCIDITY) 

Protocol: TRx-237-039

Patients: <90 years old

Diagnostic: MCI/Early Alzheimer’s disease

Agent: Leuco-methylthioninium bis(hydromethanesulfonate) (LMTM)

Daily Oral Administration

Currently Enrolling: No

Lucidity Website


Athira Pharma Inc. (Act AD) 

Protocol: ATH-1017-AD-0202

Patients: 55-85 years old

Diagnostic: Probable Mild-Moderate AD

Agent: ATH-1017

Daily Subcutaneous Injection

Currently Enrolling: Yes

Act AD Website


Eli Lilly and Company (TRAILBLAZER-ALZ2)

Protocol: I5T-MC-AACI

Patients: 60-85 years old

Diagnostic: Prodromal AD or Mild AD Dementia

Agent: Donanemab

Intravenous Administration Every 4 Weeks

Currently Enrolling: Yes



Alzheon Inc. (APOLLOE4)

Protocol: ALZ-801-AD301

Patients: 50-80 years old

Diagnostic: Early Alzheimer’s disease

Agent: ALZ-801

Twice Daily Oral Administration

Currently Enrolling: Yes

ALZ-801 Website

Eisai (Clarity AD)
Protocol: BAN2401-G000-301
Patients: 50-90 years old
Diagnostic: MCI due to AD/Mild AD
Agent: Monoclonal anti-amyloid antibody
Currently Enrolling: No

Clarity AD Website