Participant Reviews

I, along with my wife, have been involved with a study for nearly a year. Dr.Mega's staff is very courteous, professional and informative on the progress of the study. It has been our pleasure to be a part of the study and we would't hesitate to join any study with Dr. Mega.
Wade L.
Study Participant
I highly recommend Dr. Mega and his staff. Every step of the way the team has been welcoming, comforting, and supportive. Phone calls and questions are always promptly and professionally responded to. Without hesitation, I would refer friends to the Center for Cognitive Health.
Kristine B.
Study Partner
"Bye ~ See you in a year." Those were the dismissive and hopeless words that drove us away from one neurologist. We wanted to work with someone who would be a partner in this process; help us understand the best actions to take to slow down cognitive decline if possible. Also we wanted to take part in research, be part of helping understand Alzheimer's better. Dr. Michael Mega rose to the top for us. We have been in one of his studies for one and a half years. We enjoy the team, feel great to be helping find potential treatment, and also are comforted that should we need help or questions answered, there is a team available for us.
John & Jane
Study Participant & Study Partner
Working with Dr. Mega and his staff has been a godsend to us! He was the first (after years of trying) to accurately diagnose my husband's condition (LBD) and, more importantly, prescribe a therapy that gave us back at least 2 years of good quality life. We had met with numerous neurologists but none matched Dr. Mega's knowledge and focus. He is sincere and understanding with his patients, and goes the extra mile in supporting the family through tough choices. We highly recommend Dr. Mega and his team!
Nancy Frymire
Patient's Wife
My own mother died of Alzheimer's disease just short of her 94th birthday. My dear wife's mother did the same. I am a 78 year old retired physician and surgeon, and in my medical practice, many of my patients were afflicted by a variety of Dementias, particularly Alzheimer's disease. As I have marched through my senior years, I have noticed that my memory has been slipping faster than what I think is usual for my age, particularly my recent memory. Sometimes I see old friends, and know their names well, but I just can't "get the tab" to pull it out. A minute later, it may come to me in a flash, but often too late. Although it is embarrassing, it is much much more.
I enrolled in the Eisai study for two reasons:
(1) The most important one was because, through my many years of practice in medicine, I have come to appreciate how important biomedical research is, not just for humans, but for all the interconnected life on this wonderful planet of ours! People with pathology have the unique opportunity to perform a service to mankind that others cannot.
(2) The second reason is that the Eisai study offered to study my cognitive health in an extremely thorough manner, and I personally want to learn all I can about how my brain is functioning, and how the decline can best be dealt with. I am very pleased with the encounters that I have had so far. The entire staff and the Center for Cognitive Health have treated me very well, with professionalism, but also with warmth and kindness.
Dr. Bob
Study Participant
We have now consulted with Dr. Mega on two separate occasions. In both circumstances, we were overwhelmed by both the staff at the Center for Cognitive Health and by Dr. Mega himself. The staff's kind and welcoming reception instantly provided relief... someone, finally, was going to listen and do their best to help. They didn't make promises and they didn't overstep boundaries, but did guarantee they would respond and in a timely manner - all the while being professional and personable, making me feel like WE were of the utmost importance. The empathy didn't stop at the front desk, either. Dr. Mega listened, looked, and reviewed the totality of our case before responding, then patiently listened again. What a relief to experience a doctor with his degree of knowledge and history, focused on OUR issue - all the while maintaining his humanity and ability to treat people with respect and empathy. We are forever grateful for the Center for Cognitive Health.
Linda Venti
Patient's Wife